Heard this phrase the other day, “Slogans are broken.”

They were originally made with good intentions, and they were supposed to elevate positive thoughts and bring people together under one banner…

…but they have been hijacked. 

Slogans have been broken, abused, and taken advantage of. Designed to be vision statements, they are now being used as division statements. They were supposed to be talking points, but now they are being used as trigger points. 

Slogans now have the power to fuel hatred and hurt feelings. Good intentions are falling to the wayside as slogans are ruling the streets.

People are defaming, fighting, and dying…for slogans. People are donating, organizing, and volunteering…for slogans. People are identifying, shaping, and forming their lives…around slogans.

Put a slogan on a stick and drive it into your front lawn, and you’ll lose friends for life…but you’ll solidify some friends too. 

Throw your slogan on a hashtag and use it like a gang sign, let err body know you ‘bout that life.

Wear it on a mask or a hat, give the middle finger to your haters, and move forward with your slogan pride.

You can’t use slogans to create civility. You can’t use slogans to bring true unity. You can’t use slogans to spread truth. And you can’t use slogans to create change.

Change is only brought about by nuanced care and concern for individuals. The slogan is like an interstate highway, but care and concern are like back country roads. 

True change doesn’t happen on easy interstates, it happens on complex, winding, uncertain country roads. Caring for people and loving people doesn’t have easy on and off ramps, because loving people requires the nuanced dance of relationships. It’s the dark, low lit side streets and the fear or uncertainty of “uncharted” territory where true love is expressed.

Most people aren’t willing to go there. That’s why they use slogans.

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