If you own or are starting a business in Holly Springs, NC, then you might be encouraged by these thoughts.

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Bill. A few years ago we started a new Church in the town of Holly Springs called “Oasis” and as a local startup ourself, I just want to come out and say….

I’m FOR you. (Of course – if you’re starting a business that is immoral, illegal or something sketchy then we would need to have a chat 😂)

But ultimately, I want you to be successful. I want to see you win. This town is growing fast and I’m sure that whatever business you’re getting ready to start is going to soar. 

In an effort to be helpful from a pastoral perspective, I sat down the other day and just asked myself the question, what are some things that could really paralyze a new business owner in our little town? I came up with 4 things. These 4 things can paralyze an entrepreneur starting a business in Holly Springs, NC.

#1 – Fear of What People Think (see Proverbs 29:25) – Even though Holly Springs is growing and it is an attractive place to be, there are still some “small town” cliques and behaviors that might surprise you. Here’s one example. A few years ago I met a new business owner who shared his primary fear was “the Ladies of Holly Springs.” Apparently he heard this Facebook group was so powerful, that they literally shut down another business a few years prior because they rumored and gossiped about a person so much that nobody did business with him anymore. Now, I dunno the validity of that story, and I don’t really know much about that FB group (I’m a male). I just know this guy was so scared to get something wrong because he didn’t want to get bad reviews in a Facebook group, so he tip-toe’d around every customer and put a lot of pressure on himself. His fear of what people thought of him or his business drove him into an anxious, fearful, conflict-avoidant leader.

Listen, I get it. Customer service is important and doing a good job matters but it is IMPOSSIBLE & unreasonable to expect that you will please everyone and never have any conflict. The more you get involved in the community of Holly Springs, you’ll see who the gossips are and you’ll find the sources of the rumor mills. But you’ll also rub shoulders with some quality professionals who are truly about the good of this town. 

Regardless, don’t let “FEAR Of What People Think” paralyze you and your business.

You can tell when you are struggling with this kind of fear if:

  • You feel the need to defend yourself every single time someone criticizes or takes aim at your business.
  • You Get more insight from @ replies and Facebook comments rather than what God’s Word or your mentors/coaches say about you.
  • You allow the comments and complaints you receive to determine your mood on a daily basis.

Rest in this, you don’t have to fret over what people think of you. Keep your head down and stay focused on the work you came to do. I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about setting things straight, but I’m suggesting that if you are offering a quality product or a helpful service to the people of Holly Springs, then relax and don’t worry about the critics. They’re out there, let ‘em be. 

#2 – Failure to Ask For Help – one of the biggest mistakes a new business leader can make is to assume that you must have all of the answers…and when you don’t have the answers then you just fake it til you make it. Nooope!  You are gonna need camaraderie with people who know you, and are willing to help you. You are gonna need to be willing to admit that you don’t know, and ask someone for help. I know a lot of people (including me sometimes) cannot do this because they are more concerned with their image than with what’s true. But listen, there is a lot of FREE help out there, and it’s found in authentic community. Yes, there is coaching you can pay for, but I rub shoulders with very savvy business leaders all around town at my church, at F3, community events, the chamber of commerce, etc. There are opportunities for you to connect with people who will help. Be open, you will find them. 

#3 – Fear of Making the Wrong Decision – if you haven’t screwed up at some point…then you’re not leading well.  Leaders take risks…and with some risks come rewards while others provide us with a good ole’ “learning experience.”  The only down side of making a wrong decision isn’t actually in your decision but rather in your unwillingness to admit that a decision was wrong and then doing what it takes to make it right. The most tragic thing about our bad decisions is our inability to learn from our mistakes because of pride or ego or whatever other insecurities we have. Hey new business owner, gird up your loins and get there, take some calculated risks, fail a few times, and learn from it. Don’t let your fear of making wrong decisions prevent you from succeeding in your business!

#4 – Comparison – Do you know how often I have personally been paralyzed as a leader because of comparison? I couldn’t tell you because it’s countless. My entire life I have looked at someone else and thought, “I will never be as good as them…” Even worse, as a pastor, there is this pressure to carry myself some certain way or maintain some image of perfection. So when I’m not comparing myself to someone else, I’ll compare myself to this concoction of perfection in my head that doesn’t even exist!  As a business leader, we should always learn from others but we must never allow the measure of our success to be based on the outward successes of others. 

You might be wondering, why is a pastor writing a blog post for local business owners? Simply put, I don’t see myself as just a pastor in Holly Springs, but rather, a pastor of Holly Springs…not in competition with other pastors in the area, but working in cooperation with them. Ultimately, we are all here on the same mission. I want the BEST for the town of Holly Springs. This is actually Biblical. In Jeremiah 29:7, God says “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” In other words, a rising tide lifts all the boats in the marina. I’m not just interested in lifting my boat, I want all the boats to be lifted. Sure I care about my boat, but I also care about the marina.

With that said (and in conclusion), if you are starting a business in Holly Springs NC, how can I be praying for you in these coming months?