The Best Control

The Best Control

Control is an ILLUSION

  • I cannot control what happens to me 
  • I cannot control what people think of me
  • I cannot control my family
  • I cannot control the weather
  • I cannot control how others treat me

Self-Control is NOT an illusion:

  • I can control how I respond 
  • I can control what I eat
  • I can control what comes out of my mouth
  • I can control what I dwell on
  • I can control who I hang out with
  • I can control what I read & watch
  • I can control my bed time.
  • I can control my habits.
  • I can control myself. 

The kind of control we want may be unattainable, But the kind of control we already have is far more valuable anyway.

Self Control is the best control.

-galatians 5:22-23

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