When I was a kid, I lived at the Falcon Children’s Home for 6 years. Each year, during the holidays, all of us kids were asked to turn in a Christmas list. Often my list included things that I needed like clothes, school supplies or other items. Depending on the number of sponsors that year, our gift list would range from 5-15 items. We were usually instructed to make our list “realistic,” which usually meant “don’t ask for stuff that cost more than 20-30 dollars.”

However, even though we were instructed not to, every year my friends and I would put 1-2 items on the list that were NOT “realistic.” It was our dream list. Bicycles. Playstations. TV’s.  It was kind of like the gift registry for your wedding. You put a bunch of realistic items on the registry, but you probably listed a “dream” item just in case someone was feeling generous.

Well, one year, I got my dream gift. A bicycle. Everyone was jealous. I was ecstatic. I rode my bicycle around the Children’s home campus as fast as I could. I showed it off to everyone. I was literally living my dreams.

I remember feeling like people cared. I remember feeling like, even though I didn’t know the person who gave this gift, somebody out there loves me. Moments like this gave me hope. Being on the receiving end of the Christmas list was proof that people were praying, people were concerned, and people cared.

Today, I learned about a neighborhood in Holly Springs who is buying every single Christmas gift on every kids list at the Falcon Children’s Home. Organized by James Smith, who spent some time living at a children’s home as a child, the neighborhood is coming together and literally providing Christmas for over 90 foster kids.

This is the other side of the Christmas list. The giving side.

Way to go 12 Oaks 👏👏👏

“…You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”-Acts 20:35